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Voice Aerobics™ Programs and Products that Support Voice Use and Physical Function

Hello, I’m Mary Spremulli, a medical speech-language pathologist. In private practice for over 29 years, I currently provide evaluation and treatment of speech, voice and swallowing problems. I practice from locations in Port Charlotte and Sarasota, Florida, as well as online through virtual coaching.

In 1999, I created Voice Aerobics (SM,) a whole body voice strengthening program designed to serve as an after therapy program for persons with voice changes due to Parkinson's disease.

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In 2008, a recorded version, Voice Aerobics DVD™, was released, and the Voice Aerobics™ family of products has grown to include affordable programs and products, that are designed to be used on your own, at home, or anywhere you go. And most importantly, to have fun doing them!

Voice Aerobics™ DVD is a 3-part workout which focuses on breath support, posture and voice. Our original therapy program, Read Here how to use the DVD.

Voice Aerobics™ Songbirds is an audio CD that provides a fun way to strengthen your voice whenever you want and wherever you go. Fun and Affordable - Costs less than a therapy visit co-pay!

Voice Aerobics Grand SlamVoice Aerobics™ Grand Slam is a deck of 54 playing cards, with illustrated voice exercises. It was designed to be a companion product to Voice Aerobics DVD™. My mom, an avid Bridge player, inspired the name and my patients, who need easy reminders to practice, inspired the product.!


Voice Aerobics DVDResearch about the Benefits of a Community-Based, Whole Body Voice Strengthening Program for Persons With Parkinson’s

A poster abstract was presented at the 3rd World Parkinson Congress in Montreal, Canada, 2013, entitled:

Pre and post class surveys were completed by participants in a weekly Voice Aerobics™ class held at a community-based center for persons with Parkinson's disease in Sarasota, Florida. Results indicated that the Voice Aerobics™ program, when offered in a group setting, yield a statistical difference in how persons with Parkinson's self-rated voice loudness. Additional research looking at the benefits of the Voice Aerobics™ program is being conducted.

To view the poster please click ON THIS LINK.


More Voice Support Products: Shop Now

Voice Aerobics™ Personal Voice AmplifierVoice Aerobics™ Personal Voice Amplifier. Power for your voice whenever you need it. Perfect for patients with: Parkinson's and Parkinson's plus syndromes, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and vocal cord paralysis. Also great for group or seminar leaders, teachers, coaches, or anyone needing to use and not misuse their voice. (Comes in black. Blue color now available in limited quantities.)

The BREATHER®, is a hand held device which provides variable resistance to airflow on inspiration and expiration. It can be helpful for teaching diaphragmatic breathing, and for assisting with airway clearance when cough effort is reduced.

Why exercise the breathing muscles? Respiratory muscles, like other muscles in your body can weaken from a prolonged illness, aging, and neuromuscular diseases. Inspiratory muscle training has been shown to be an effective method for improving breathing during physical activity and for breath support during speaking.

New Breathwork Video! Voice Aerobics™ Breathwork Video
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Breathwork Sampler Video!

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Voice Aerobics offers programs and products designed to improve and support the way you use your voice. Home-based programs, like Voice Aerobics™ DVD and Voice Aerobics™ Songbirds audio CD can be used independently by persons with voice changes from neuromuscular disease such as Parkinson's Disease, MS, PSP, or even for persons with voice weakness from age related changes to breathing and voice. We receive numerous email questions about how our products can help with voice and breathing and we encourage you to read what others have asked to determine if our products are right for you. Visit our Shop and check out the latest Voice Aerobics Products available.

Still not sure? Drop us a line. We also love to hear from satisfied customers. Your feedback helps us help you!

Voice Aerobics @ Home Online Coaching!

S.T.A.Y. Home with Voice Aerobics™
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Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Graduate Student Scholarship!

Graduate Student Scholarship OpportunitiesAre you a student enrolled in an ASHA accredited speech-language program?  Do you know someone who is?  If the answer is yes - then I encourage you to apply for my Student Scholarship! Click here for application and details!

Voice Aerobics Scholarship Recipients 2014 Scholarship Recipient
2013 Scholarship Recipient
2012 Scholarship Recipient
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Product Survey Results! 
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Voice Aerobics DVD - A 3 Part Workout

Voice Aerobics™ Songbirds CD

New Voice Aerobics Songbirds CD
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How To Best Use the Voice Aerobics™ DVD and Voice Aerobics™ Songbirds audio CD

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Thanks for the class and DVD's. They are very helpful. The hardest part will be to actually do the exercises on a regular basis. Perhaps we will meet again. Thanks again for your generosity.
       ~ Rae

I'm excited about the possibility of improving (and maintaining) my voice by using the DVD three times per week without even leaving home.
       ~ Kate Kelsall, Shake, Rattle and Roll!

I have watched the DVD in order to review it for the journal and it's excellent.
       ~ Carolyn Loveless, European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA)

We have used the Voice Aerobics DVD for about 3 weeks. It is very informative and fun. It gives a good workout of controlled exercises and you really feel good afterward. The amazing thing is we find ourselves humming or singing along with the radio, which we didn't do before. I would highly recommend it to anyone with speech or muscle control problems.
       ~ Terrill and Ruth Nederveld

The best part of the cruise? I enjoyed the voice aerobics so much. It's right up my alley and something I really needed. The woman was kind and attentive, and we even received her voice aerobics disc in our goodie bag. I've played it at home and can see a real difference.
       ~ Bill O'Keefe, Ft Lauderdale, Florida (PRF Bahamas' Cruise 2010)

I attended your October 30, 2010 presentation of Voice Aerobics to learn more about supporting my Parkinson's friends. Well, the invaluable information was wonderful for them, but also for me, personally. As someone dealing with Post-Polio Syndrome including upper body and respiratory system deficits, your Voice Aerobics added fun and focus to my overall exercise routine. Thank you!
        ~ Bonnie McPartland, Post-Polio

Hi, Mary! Wanted to thank you again for your vibrant and enthusiastic presentation at the Voice Aerobics workshop this past Saturday! It was informative and thought-provoking, while at the same time a barrel of fun!! If only, the more traditional aerobics classes which I attend were half as engaging!!

As one of those who did not previously think I had any voice or speech issues which necessitated any concern, I now realize, thanks to your workshop, that even if this is true, all the more reason to commence a daily "practice" incorporating the techniques which you have pioneered to insure that this continues to be the case in the future.
       ~ Valerie Graham, DBS Voices of the Rockies

Love your Songbird DVD. I use it in class at Lee Center for Rehab and Wellness. Are you considering putting out another one?
       ~ Kathy G.

Hi Mary, I love your blog and enjoyed you so much at last weekend's retreat. My husband and I immediately did the songbird CD.
       ~ Elizabeth

My dad has lots of exercise for Parkinson’s DVDs but yours is the one he does everyday. My mom likes to join him because it’s a fun class and the exercises are easy and help lower her stress. Dad enjoys feeling part of your workout group. Thanks for your enthusiasm and sincere spirit.
       ~ Patricia W.

Hi Mary, Thank you for your response and advice. I received the amplifier, and it is so great and wonderful to be able to hear me again. Thank you again for your help!
       ~ G.

Hi, Mary! I meant to send you a thank-you for the wonderful articles you write about Parkinson's disease. I think you must be an awesome person as well as an awesome speech therapist! Thank you so much for sharing your literary expertise with my readers of the Parkinson Foundation of Harris County (Houston) monthly Bulletin.
       ~ Sarah Malcolm

I am thoroughly enjoying your dvd, cd and the amplifier. You have done a great job in making it easy to use the products and made it very helpful. The amplifier allows me to communicate better with everyone of my family and friends and also it is very portable and manageable. The dvd and cd are fun to use and also have been very cleverly designed to promote speech and as well do a lot of stretching exercises.

God bless you, I have had Parkinson's Disease for the past 12 years and have taken a lot of speech therapy sessions and your products have made it easier to continue with my speech exercises. I would highly recommend all three products to anyone who has speech problems. Keep up the good work Mary, and Thank You Kindly for making it easier for me. Best Regards,
       ~ Hari, Ontario Canada

Mary, November 7, 2011
Thank you! I have been meaning to check in with you and well...time just gets by so quickly! I am nothing but pleased!!! I will continue to pass the information on to other contract instructors....and apparently students are interested too! Voice is back to normal and I am doing what I can to make sure to keep it that way too!
       ~ Annetta, Seminar Leader

I could definitely feel that my voice was not nearly as "tired" at the end of an all day seminar. I could speak to a group all day without constantly worrying where I was looking when I was speaking; it made it easier to walk around in the room or point to my slide presentation and everyone could still hear me. Superior to lapel mc or fixed mic since the voice amplifier "follows you" or "moves with you" - you aren’t controlled by it.
       ~ Gail M. Sudderth, RRT - Clinical Specialist

We all love seeing you. I can't tell you enough how much we appreciated your visit. We had a very large turnout yesterday based on the fact that you were coming. The class has been a hit. It was like having our very own celebrity in the house.
       ~ Executive Director PASF

I left my Songbird disc in Florida. Drat! I miss it and would like another. The one I'm referring to is the one on which you play the piano. I call it "The Fun One." It has glorious patterns which keep the beat as you change tempos
       ~ Elizabeth

August 2012
I picked up the amplifier at the post office Monday. It was such a relief to have the freedom to move around the classroom and know that the students will hear me. I also feel more confident when I go to staff meetings in the library. I had actually stopped talking during meetings because several teachers had mocked me when I tried to speak, but wasn't able to project.
Thank you again for expediting my order Mary!
       ~ Bobbi

Sept 15, 2012
I wore my amp both days at the meetings, and I was relieved not to have to worry about projecting my voice. Because it took less effort to speak, I spoke more frequently. What a nice benefit.
       ~ Kate Kelsall, DBS of the Rockies

October 9, 2012
Your voice aerobic tape and songbirds CD are great and I purchased them to share with any Parkinson's patients I work with now and may in the future. If they like it, I will have them order it.
       ~ Gail, Speech-Language Pathologist

December 2012
I have looked for these on-line, and I can't find one with a boom mic, only. I train seminars for my living, and I now use your amplifier a lot. I was a vocal major in college, and I can fill a room with sound, but at the end of the day, or week, my throat hurts. Since using your amplifier, I have had no problems, and I can just talk in a "normal" voice, and everyone can hear me.
       ~ Doug

January 2013
Mary, Recd the DVD and we are doing the exercises every other day. By the end of the DVD we feel our voices are stronger and hope the improvement carries over to all the time. Also, the upper body exercises is so good for Arnie as he had emphysema and his right lung has permanent damage to one lobe.
       ~ Ellen

June 2013
To my Parkinson's friends, I just received Mary Spremulli's Voice Aerobics CD and DVD. I, like many other people with Parkinson's have been having voice problems. For an author and motivational speaker that is even more important. I found the CD and DVD to be a great way for PWPs to exercise your voice and have fun at the same time. If you aren't familiar with Mary check out her web site.
       ~ Richard London, A Handbook For Life

July 2013
I love your product. It has saved my voice. I can feel the strain on my voice from projecting to the audience today. Your voice amplifier has helped me tremendously.
       ~ Dan

August 2013
Hi Mary, I love my Voice Amplifier! I mean really LOVE IT! I am a professional speaker/trainer representing Park University. I travel all over the country speaking and training to very large groups and my voice was becoming stressed. I tell all of my audiences about the Voice Amplifier, show it and direct them to Voice Aerobics and tell them how great it is for meetings, training and presentations. I also had my line dance instructor use it and he loved it.
       ~ Gerry Grinold, Pres. Nex Step Solutions, Inc.

October 2013, Online Coaching
Dear Mary, I had hoped to tell you how much I like your video. I do quite a bit of exercise so it is perfect for me. I will do it almost every morning. I was out with some friends a few nights ago and someone said you have improved so much from a year ago (I had all the signs then, but was not diagnosed) and the other person said it is her voice which has improved the most. I thought you would like to know that because I am making real progress with you. I love how committed you are to helping people. You are indeed a wonderful person with all that you are doing, and your passion clearly shows.
       ~ Phyllis

January 2014
Just know your music CD is the highlight of my uncle's week. He loves it and it truly is making a difference in his voice volume, articulation and facial expression. Those tunes really stick in ones head.
       ~ Patty, SLP

My Mission:
To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate and empower.    Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP


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