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My Mission
To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice.
To educate and empower.

Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP

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Voice Aerobics
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Apasia Florida State Representative

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BREATHER® Muscle TrainerBREATHER® Muscle Trainer Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT™ 4 PD audio CD & Voice-on-Light Bracelet
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BREATHER® Muscle Trainer Hi-VOLT™ Voice-on-Light Bracelet
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BREATHER® Muscle Trainer Hi-VOLT™ 4PD© Voice Practice @Home Audio CD
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BREATHER® Muscle Trainer Hi-VOLT™ 4PD© Voice Practice @Home
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BREATHER® Muscle Trainer The BREATHER® Respiratory Muscle Strength Trainer
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Personal Voice Amplification Device
Up to 15 W Output Amplifier! Lightweight head microphone is included and a rechargeable lithium battery with up to 16 hours of continuous use. Separate audio-in jack allows amplifier to be used as a speaker with other electronic devices such as a computer or MP3 player. (Blue color also available in limited quantities.)

Voice Amplifier
Voice Amplifier
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Voice Aerobics Songbird CD for FREE!
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Voice Aerobics
Clip On Lapel Microphone!
Clip On Lapel Microphone
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*The Voice Aerobics Amplifier already comes packaged with a headset microphone. The Clip On Lapel Microphone is a separate accessory.
Voice Aerobics
Voice Amplifier and Clip On Lapel Microphone
Voice Aerobics Amplifier & Clip On Lapel Microphone!
(plus shipping & handling)
Voice Aerobics
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How To Best Use the Voice Aerobics™ DVD and Voice Aerobics™ Songbirds audio CD

Voice Aerobics™ DVD

Voice Aerobics™
Songbirds CD

$20.00 $11.99
Voice Aerobics™ Breathwork Video
Part 1 of the Voice Aerobics™ DVD, Breathwork, is now available as a stand alone download. Only 15 minutes long, and provides guided practice with focus on posture.
Combo Deal Songbirds MP3 Digital Download! 
Voice Aerobics DVD + Songbirds CD
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Voice Aerobics Grand Slam™ Image
Voice Aerobics™
Grand Slam™
Grand Slam™ now 2 for $12.00
Voice Aerobics
Lunch and Learn Seminar
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If you prefer to pay by check please download our online Order Form and mail it to us with your payment.


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